29 May 2010


The public space is crammed with advertisements. Everybody is making a buck renting out space, and anything goes if the price is met. Most of us have gotten so used to this itch in our eyes that we tune it out. A fact that does not discourage the dinosaurs of advertising, who in return just go bigger and louder. But as not everybody can afford to cover a house with the image of anorexic teens posing in skimpy bikinis, "bike-vertising" is picking up the pace.

The flyers
As most Copenhageners have a bike, it is an easy way to get our attention. Some leave flyers on the rear rack of your bike, the equivalent of the windshield wiper of a car. It is just as annoying, and always winding up on the ground. And leaving stuff in peoples bicycle baskets is just not a good way to start a relationship. But the latest gimmick of attaching the message to your seatpost may just work. Being original still have its advantages.

The seat covers
An increasingly popular little slice of "give and take", tolerated for its usefulness. Advertisements are a pain in the ass, but at least this one keeps it dry.

The advertising bikes
The two most obvious benefits af advertising on a bike is: it gets around, and it has the advantage of free parking. No one is going to charge you for parking a bike even at the priciest spot in Copenhagen. The big brands say it with advertising bikes, placed at strategic and busy spots, like the Heinz bike casually parked next to the hot dog stand at Norreport Station. On the same day I spotted another ad bike in my local Irma, from the makers of Bella Donna cheese, up for grabs in a lottery. A week later the bike was picked up by a happy customer, now advertising Bella Donna all over town. 

The low budget
And then there is the low budget way of getting the message through, and I may prefer this one: a home made sign attached to an old bike. I have seen them selling anything from paint to coffee makers. Like the one below, parked on a busy corner on Osterbro. The message minus the headache. 

A danish website connecting helping hands. Give a hand, get a hand.

Pushing the cappucino maker. Very Osterbro.


  1. I would shamelessly plug an item on my bike if they paid me for it! :D

  2. Hi Mary, I feel that option approaching fast here. People get tattooed with brandnames already, permanently mind you, for a price. I am pretty fed up with advertising, the way it is everywhere all the time, but when it comes to ad bikes they may be harder to re-sell for a thief, and maybe then less attractive to steal? :-)

  3. Ah, the ever inventive advertiser! Seat covers can come in handy, I guess. Love the tomato ketchup bike, but they would have to pay dearly!

  4. I am not sure if the bike is even used. I think it is just put there to get the attention. If so, the mission is accomplished...


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