27 May 2010

Cry of nature

Today the rumours are spreading like a bad disease from the government that the minister in charge of our environment has forced a plan through that will demolish one of our most beautiful nature reserves, on the coastline of Jutland. In order to fit in a wind farm 3.5 million trees will be chopped down, to fit in the 250 m high ocean (!) wind mills. True to form any experts who are not agreeing with the agenda is ridiculed, or just not invited to the party. And the politicians enlightened enough to oppose this plan was according to the newspapers told to get along or leave the meeting.

It is not that I am against alternative sources of power, I am a big fan of wind energy, but not at any cost. And certainly not at the cost of 3.5 million trees and a rare piece of protected coastline. I think that we have an obligation to preserve whatever green is left in this world. Starting on our own doorstep. 

Old friends.

The dead and the living.

In the late 1990s a sticky fungus on a beetle, also known as the dutch elm disease, took out nearly all the elm trees in Denmark. The only known way to deal with this disease is to cut down the infected trees, and Copenhagen was let bare by the roaming beetles. But by the last lake stands an old couple that grew up together, and never gave up. Even if the old elm has passed on, it still lives on in the arms of its old friend.


  1. What a beautiful piece of nature art! It seems ridiculous to destroy nature for environmental friendly energy supply.

  2. It is a crying shame what they are about to do, and I am shocked that no one really seem to care. I am glad that you do. :-)


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