10 May 2010

You call that spring?

I am cold. There is very little direct sunlight, the temperatures are lingering around 5 degrees, and it is starting to affect me. See, this winter was no big deal to me. I loved the snow and the blue sky and all the changes, no two days looked the same. But living in a chilly grey pulp is not for humans. I dug into my creative archives to fully illustrate how I feel about this weather (it sucks). And on the bright side of that, I am now considering getting into creative photography again. What do you think?


  1. Yes, it totally sucks! It's f... cold. I hate cold! The winter affected me already (it affects me every year - in fact that was one of the reasons to move from Russian cold Berlin to mild England), but now it's still as cold as in winter!
    Okay, enough rage... I thought it might console you if someone feels as depressed about it as you do. Creative photography sounds like a very good emergency exit.

  2. Oh, Sabine, I must selfishly admit it helps to hear someone else rant about it too. They say that it could be the ash cloud messing with spring. Whatever it is, stick a fork in me, I'm done.

  3. JohnCanonMay 11, 2010

    With all that overcast light, set your exposure +1/3 stop or +2/3 stop, have no horizon or sky, and look for colour shapes. Your post photo has already accomplished that.
    Good luck.
    PS, Here in Vancouver we had a 2 week winter just after the Olympics ended. Now it's sun and 18 C.

  4. Haha, god illustration. Men må man gerne synes, det er ærgeligt, hvis du dropper dit dejlige doku-projekt til fordel for kreafoto?!

  5. John Canon,
    18 C? You have no idea how I long for that! On the technical side of things, my camera does a lot of the thinking for me. I do play around with the options, but more often than not it is a matter of catching something fast, and that leaves no time to cuddle the settings. But I will try to remember your advice, there is always room for improvement. :-)

    Hej Fie,
    Jeg kommer ikke til at droppe mine fotos, det er jo mit narkotikum. Men jeg savner at sidde i farvekridt og maling op til albuerne og finde på. Hyggeligt at du kan lide mine fotos. Jeg skal igang med at blogge for Copenhagen Photo Festival imorgen, det bliver superspændene...


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