29 June 2010

The heat is on

It has been so long ago since we had summer here, that I almost forgot how intoxicating it is. How seductive Copenhagen becomes, and how we all transform when baked. With summer comes the outdoor activities, one of which the most important is drinking, anything chilled goes. And spontaneous sun worship, getting it while the getting is good, on benches, stairs, on every single patch of green or just on the bare ground. Eating is another, home made ice cream gelato style, fresh fruit and anything made "to go".

And then of course you have the truckloads (literally) of stone drunk deliriously happy, yelling high school graduates. On graduation day they stop by each and every one of them, to toast and be celebrated. Tradition also dictates that they join hands and dance around "krinsen", the centre of Kings New Square. The city is not crazy about it, it is not allowed to enter this space, but on this one occasion they have faced reality and dispatched a friendly pair of watchmen, in part to protect the graduates from their drunken selves. The square is not your usual photo op these days, as everything is under construction, so the ugly crime scene like tape marking the path was not as scarring. They even made a fancy little trespassers stairwell, to protect the bushes. Oh, Copenhagen, I love you!

Did I have a heatstroke, or is this just a beautiful construction sight?
This impressive wall is covering the building of The European Environmental Agency on Kings New Square. It was made for the Biodiversity Day in May, and it is made from 4500 individual plants, in 23 different species. The seeds have been sewn into a special pocketed felt cloth, with an intricate built in watering system. You can follow some of the progress on the facebook group. I was impressed even before I learned that it is a map of the European Union.

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