05 January 2011

True love

Oh Lego, my first true love. I can't tell you how many hours I spend assembling Lego bricks, and the rush it was every single time when the pieces clicked together perfectly. Being one of the biggest export successes we have ever had, it seems strange that we had to wait this long for it, but now it is finally here: the flagship Lego store.

I found myself filling a bucket of Lego, completely ignoring the inner voice asking me why? Because they are pink, don't you see? And some of them have eyes, and there are antenna's... shut up. Okay so I am actually slightly embarrassed to admit I bought (myself) a box of Lego. But I did. So there.

True love never dies.

The Lego bicycles, of course. It is Copenhagen after all.

See that big dragon worming its way through the walls? I'm not so giddy about the box-sets lining the walls all the way down the long, but narrow space. But when you reach the end, you get to fill the buckets, like in a candy store. Only better.

(Seriously: I could easily go and fill another bucket right now, haha)

The Lego store:
Vimmelskaftet 37
Mon-Thurs 10-18 (10am-6pm)
Friday 10-19 (10am-7pm)
Saturday 10-16 (10am-4pm)

and first Sunday of the month 12-16 (12pm-4pm)


  1. mz_thing (from flickr)January 05, 2011

    I hope you already heard about this: http://www.designboom.com/weblog/cat/9/view/7414/life-size-lego-house.html, but if not, you have now! Too bad they disassembled it all shortly after it was completed.

  2. Ah, how crazy cool! I never heard about this before, why would they disassemble it? Lego should totally look into making bigger and more durable bricks for the building industry (maybe made partly from recycled materials even), making your own house could be fun!

  3. Oh, don't feel embarrassed about loving Lego. It was one of my first childhood loves - every single year at Christmastime, my dad and I would build a tower of lego as tall as we could make it without it falling over (on the kitchen table), and then try to move it so we could actually eat :)

    I've never done anything really complicated with Lego, but many many hours have been spent putting them together and tearing them apart again. The only reason I don't have any now is there is literally nowhere to put them.

  4. Oh, no, I am not embarrassed at all about my Lego love. It's just that buying them as a grown up (if that is what I am..) is something entirely different. But I even liked putting these little guys together, as soon as I had the bricks in my hands, it was like the feeling never left.

    I love how you also had good Lego memories all the way on the other side of the world. And it is not necessarily about building something fancy with them, just playing. That's what I did too. Super cosy (hyggeligt).

  5. Well, don't be embarrassed about buying Lego either. If you don't enjoy life, what are you doing here? :) Every little thing counts.

  6. Haha, true. And besides, if I was really so torn up about it, I would not have gone and outed myself with such a Lego-love-fest post. I'm with you on this: life must be enjoyed to the fullest!

  7. Ah wow! I wish we had a store like that! How cool.

  8. Hi Sandra!
    In our house, my husband and I were secretly over the moon when our sons started to get into Legos. We can't figure who enjoys playing with them more- the boys or us.
    Play on!

  9. hi Nova, it opened in mid December, but I think it is already one of our coolest stores. You know, not looking at the competition (as if there were any), but doing their very own thing.

    hi Celena, that is so funny. I think that I would do that too (more, haha) if I was living with kids. Lego really has a universal grip on us, I was not fully aware of that.. Hyggeligt!

  10. Ah dreams do come true! Where is it and what time does it close? I think I might need to go right now.

  11. Hi Bryant, it is on Vimmelskaftet 37 (the pedestrian street, near the book-church), and the opening hours are until 6pm on weekdays (Mon-Thurs), 7pm on Friday, 4pm on Saturday and every first sunday of the month until 4pm.

    I'm glad you asked, now I am going to add it to the post, in case someone else want to know too. It's the coolest place!

  12. Hi Sandra, my house is filled with legos! my son loves them and we spend a lot of time assembling them and playing. Right now in my living room you can barely walk, because of the starwars legos. I didn't know the fill the bucket thing. That is wonderful! Legos is one of the best invention (toy related).

  13. Hi Carole, the bucket thing is a pick-a-brick wall (huge) where you can mix your own combination, for a fixed price. There are two sizes of buckets, and they are stackable (naturally). The fact that Lego is such a children's stable all over the world is a happy surprise to me.

  14. Please don't feel embarrassed about buying bricks. You can fill your own buckets!!! BUCKETS!!

    Your comment reminded me of one of my favourite comic strips: http://xkcd.com/150/

  15. Ah, you are right: BUCKETS, haha. I am going to go and get just one more, and that's it then. That comic strip is so spot on, I love it. :-)

  16. Just a nerdy fact for the people who didn't know: This is how the name LEGO came to be - Two Danish words: Leg Godt = Play Well. So that's PLAWE in English, woo.

  17. Good thing it was invented in Denmark, then, because "Plawe" just don't taste the same.. In a way I wish the inventors (back in the 1930s I think) could have known how long lived and far spread their idea turned out to be.


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