08 April 2011

I love you honey bunny

Few things are harder to get decent shots of than parked bicycles, but in this case I just had to try. They were like the perfect couple, not identical, but rather complementing each other snuggled up in the coolest of streets Jægersborggade (expect an elaborate post on that one later). Initially I was drawn to the fronts, then my eyes wandered to the chopper handlebars, and by the string decor and the duct tape seat I was sold.

His and hers

Chopper with a twist.

Duct seat


By the way it is stormy and crazy cold like fall here, where do I complain? 


  1. Those vertical handlebars are quite 'handy' when you have limited parking space! I also like the stringed up 'bagagebærer' -looks almost comfy enough to use as a seat (which it may be ;-)
    The duct tape saddle looks a bit trashy, one that will soak a lot of water on rainy days. But hey, it might decrease the risk of theft of the bike :)

    Jægersborggade is very special, I recommend the shop 'Æter' where you can get vinyl records!

  2. Customizing your bike makes it difficult for thieves to ride or resell it anywhere in the city. Standing out has its rewards.

  3. And now I want to watch Pulp Fiction again!!!

  4. Haha Carole, if it is any consolation I feel the same way. It is due for a revival.

  5. Me I have a French brand bike in LA, probably the only one, no need to customize, though if it gets stolen, I doubt I can find it again in Los Angeles.

  6. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh what a LOOOOVELY blog, full of Beauuutiful pics!!!!!! i'm enjoying looking with a cup of tea!!

    x x x Susi

  7. Hi Susi, I am so happy to hear that, enjoy your tea and as many CC posts as you can squeeze in.


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