05 December 2011


The coming attraction that is the multi cultural bonanza Superkilen has been delayed. Part one, the red square, was supposed to be up and running by now, but the crazy summer rain made that impossible. The area is still fenced off, but at the same time it is used as a parking lot so there is easy access. And so much to see. The attention to detail is almost unreal, and you can tell that no corners are cut, it's just perfect. And it is not even done yet.


Garbage cans are brought in from all over the world.


Swing-benches (?) about to happen, and a touch of Shepard Fairey in the back.

Manhole cover

Some of the details: all the manhole covers are from a different country.

Gdansk manhole cover

From Gdansk. Seriously, I love these people!
 Built in-bench

One of the many different benches, with a touch of turd. I really hope this project, and by extension the kids and neighbours will be treated with the appropriate respect. Trashing it is like taking a dump on your own carpet. I fail to see the point.

Playground sets from India, benches from Iran.

The lights were fading (as were all sense of feeling in my fingers, holy crap, winter), so I moved towards the giant Japanese octopus I had been eyeing in spring, this time I found a way in. Hello monster crush:
Giant octopus

This belongs to the second part of Superkilen, the black square, with a giant star shaped middle eastern mosaic fountain, stripey, swirly floors, rows of stone tables with inlaid board games, palm trees (!) and too much to cram in here because we need to dwell on the octopus a little longer:

Giant octopus

Copenhagen palm trees

Japanese playground set

This is so good that it makes me want to break out in song. Hallelujah! You think I am kidding? You should have been there, haha. The daylight disappeared, and I headed home the same way I got in, crossing the red square, and then I saw the light. Before anyone starts on me with energy concerns, and what not, keep in mind that we are deprived of daylight in this part of the world. Every twinkle and every ray of light is a potential life saver.

Thank you. 

Thank you.

Superkilen by night

Thank you.


  1. Beautiful! I visited Superkilen a couple of weeks ago, when the sun was giving a bit of light to the place. I was impressed by all the details in the structures and the way they painted it in shades of red, magenta and purple.


    I hadn't seen the finished octopus. It looks amazing, and something I would have loved to use as a kid.
    Hope the taggers will back off a bit; when I visited last time, the place had no tags at all. Especially that they tag the (probably expensive) imported Cuban bench is beyond me.

    Also cool detail that they put small signs up telling visitors where the imported items came from. I learned that they have imported items from the homelands of all the different ethnic groups living in Copenhagen(!) (I think it was 50 different countries)My favourite items are the London garbage bins :)

    Also thanks from me (for your post)!

  2. They just keep adding more details, it is mindblowing. I also spotted an army of Amsterdammers, they ones lining the streets of Amsterdam, so cosy. And Spanish benches (I think), and they are working on a big skatearea too. Crazy cool. My favorite, besides the floors of course, is the octopus. For now. Oh, and the rainbow colored bike racks. The US garbage cans (in the unpacking stages). The mix of it all. I can't wait for it to be ready. :-)

  3. Great shots, Sandra! And yes, that is an amazing attention to detail.

    Finally something exciting and artsy happens in this part of town, other than gang shootings and grafitti, of course :). You just made me very happy that this is just a few minutes from my home!

    I need to take my brother's Hungarian girlfriend there: she now lives in Nørrebro but grew up in Hungary behind the iron curtain and has complained to me that this "Red Square" is offensive and could be seen as a tribute to communism. She needs to go and see that this is in fact a tribute to the diversity of Nørrebro and to cultures all over the world!

  4. Thank you and you are welcome :-)

    You must definitely take her there and show her how it is, as you point out, a tribute and not a mockery. Sometimes it wears me out how some people insist on seeing evil where there is none. A compliment is potentially sexist, red is a tribute to communism, a cartoon is a crime against humanity. Everybody needs to lighten up.

    The entire project is more than just the red square, it turns both black and green further down the stretch. So very super.

  5. I love it, the whole thing including the lights. And the octopus looks like a wonder!!! Thank you Sandra for showing this to us :-)

  6. Jeg elsker virkelig også den røde plads, bor selv ved siden af og burde virkelig snige mig over og tage nogle billeder en af dagene. Jeg elsker virkelig, at du kravler rundt og fotograferer på den måde som du fx har gjort ved blæksprutten. Du er sej!

  7. Hi Carole, you are so very welcome, I am happy that the pleasure is not all mine. :-)

    Hej tambourine sam, du må fluks snige dig over inden alle de flabede flader bliver punkteret af tags, argh. Og mange tak for fornem titel af sej. :D


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