07 March 2012

The bicycle bridge

The bicycle bridge, connecting Vesterbro and Islands Brygge. 

Bicycle bridge

Bridge support


With a touch of love.

Love locks

Pedalling over water is the most exhilarating feeling, almost like flying. I can't wait for them to build more!


  1. Love that second image with the red, curly thing :)

    In Portland, there's a section of a path that runs along the east side of the Willamette River (which separates the West and East sides of the city) that is actually floating on the river, and you have that same kind of feeling riding along it, as if you're skimming on the water.

    They do the same thing with the locks on the bridges in Lithuania: http://www.flickr.com/photos/poetas/5010745192/ :)

    1. I love the red curly one too. They are planning a few more, closer to the inner city, it is really going to be interesting to see how it is going to change things. I may go a lot more, if I am not forced to take the long way around, side by side with cars.

      I can't imagine myself locking a padlock on the bridge, but I don't mind others doing it. It is just people interacting with public space, and you know I am a fan of that. :-)

  2. Please tell me that those locks are for bikes and not the cheesy locks we find on the Pont des Arts in Paris!!!

    1. Haha, these baby locks can barely hold the promises that put them there, let alone a bike. I imagine living in Paris you are confronted with the cheesiness of all the visitors, thinking of your city as a fairy tale? We don't get that as much here. My best guess is that these locks are left there by locals.

    2. ahah, interacting with the city is great, but on the Pont des Arts, in Paris, the locks are not working I think. Also it's one of the beautiful landmarks in Paris and for some reason, aesthetically, not only does it not work, but kinda ruins it... like tagging the Louvre or something. Well I can't love everything can I, but I love your photos and the stories behind :)

    3. Oh, I completely understand how you feel protective about your historical monuments (much like I cringe when they tag the statues, I am sure), and this is how I feel about Queen Louises Bridge, where people leave tags and piles of trash, so disrespectful. The bicycle bridge is a recent addition, and the locks are not an eyesore to me, like they might have been somewhere else. Interesting how there is a difference, now that you mention it.

  3. Hi Sandra,

    I read you said you loved riding over the bicycle bridge - well here's good news for you then!

    A soon-to-come new bridge, that will curve out over the water and be in 2nd story height!

    1. Hi Kasper, I read about that, and I swear my head almost hit the roof. How cool is this? I can't wait to make the trip. Probably I will go back and forth like a maniac on the first day, grinning all the way, haha. Super cool, thank you for the link.


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