22 June 2012

Greetings from Classic Copenhagen!

What if someone made something so crazy photogenic that you had to take a load of pictures of it? And what if they then contacted you and said: hey, we love your pictures, come see us. And you did. And they graciously offered to use your pictures, and possibly more like it, in their press kit, with no other compensation than the credit. What then?

Maybe you would feel less inclined to take even more pictures of this extraordinary project. Just because you would now feel like an underestimated idiot. But even if you to their great disbelief declined this generous offer, you recognized your pictures all over the amazing internet, as other bloggers found them extremely useful. Then, you would have to find a way to express your great love for this space, without feeling like at useful fool.

For instance, if that place happened to be Superkilen, featuring the yummy red square, the crazy neon signs and the giant Japanese octopus, with the grand opening today... the ideal compromise would look something like this:

 Stripey hill, Superkilen

The black market, Superkilen

A short recap for those of you unfamiliar with Superkilen:
Superkilen (The Super Wedge) is part of a major urban lift in Mjølnerparken, a troubled area of Copenhagen. It consists of three zones: the red square, the black market and the green park, and it stretches across a large area with a bike track going through it.

The area, like the rest of Nørrebro, has a large share of immigrants. This is reflected in Superkilen, with well over a 100 items like trashcans, playground items, neon signs, benches and manhole covers imported from more than 50 different countries.

Star shaped fountain

A corner of the big Moroccan starshaped fountain, on the black market. Keeping my friend, the giant Japanese octopus company.

If you mess with the bull...

The Spanish Osborne Bull, a huge flat sign made of iron imported from Costa del Sol. It reminds me of the old saying: if you mess with the bull, you get the horns. Of course it is the colored parts that gets me. Juicy benches from Prague, Czech Republic:

Benches on Superkilen

A bird hotel

And my new favorite: the bird hotel, from Hjørring in Denmark. Although you may not think of them as immigrants, the Jutlanders make up a great percentage of the Copenhageners. This one is to make them feel at home. Ah, I get all warm and fuzzy inside.

Super Wedge link fest:
Superkilen on Classic Copenhagen

Greetings to all from Classic Copenhagen!

(Hahaha, I can't stop laughing)


  1. AnonymousJune 25, 2012

    jeg kan godt forstå, de gerne vil være legekammerater med dig:)
    kh muttilove

    1. Det ville da have været hyggeligt. Men det var vist ikke det "invitationen" gik på. Det var mere noget med at lægge sit arbejde på dørmåtten, og ellers forsvinde. Sådan leger jeg ikke. :-)

  2. AnonymousJune 25, 2012

    åh aha, næ det kan jeg da godt forstå... -men anyways, de har da sans for gode billeder;)kh muttilove

    1. Hæ, du har ret, det føles straks meget bedre at tage det som et kompliment. :D

  3. Lovely pictures, again. And also with the greeting, maybe that's a keeper?! I am sure your readers wouldn't mind (slightly smaller maybe)

    1. Thank you very much, Truffle Dog. :-)

      Watermarks and loud protective signatures on images always bother me, it feels like a scar or something. But maybe I will have to look into it later.

      At least for now it is back to clean and big again. Ah.


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