03 August 2012

Copenhagen talent

Copenhagen talent is in dire need of an ambassador. There is so much of it, in all fields and of all ages that just go unnoticed. The media seems to rely heavily on recycling (promoting mainly the "pre-approved"), and copy/pasting from press releases. When uncovering talent takes fieldwork and investigative action, preferably by someone who gives a damn. It is common knowledge that if you want to "make it" in Denmark, you need to make a splash overseas first. Only then are you considered news.

It bugs me. We should nurture talent, not ignore it and just wait for someone else to label it so. As my new micro mission I have decided to do my small part. Maybe it won't make a bit of a difference, but at least I will have fun giving it a try. From now on there will be a label named "talent", so you can look for it in the subject menu. And, you will probably never see a paid advertisement on this blog, but I will be making my own little ads for interesting people, as I find them along the way.

Starting with Den Afskyelige Ismand (The Abdominable Iceman):

Afskyelig Is soft ice

I came across the iceman at Islands Brygge, and instantly fell in love. He is a one of a kind guy, made by animator and model builder Charlotte Worsaae, pursuing a longtime dream of doing her own thing.

Ice hole

Ice hole. He poops solely vanilla soft ice (keeping things clean, if you know what I mean?).


The back lid opens up into a tray, with a yummy selection of alternative sprinkles. 

Abominable Ice / Afskyelig Is

Ice man detail

The incredible attention to detail really won me over.


The iceman is still young, and the Copenhagen summer has not exactly been welcoming, so he is not out and about as much as he would have liked. But I am told that he loves to party, so if you need a vanilla pooping iceman for an event, he is your guy.

You can get in touch with Charlotte by email here.


  1. Jeg har fulgt tilblivelsen af ismanden fra Sydhavnen, hvor der tit sker spændende ting i det store bådeskur ved slusen. Og nu møder jeg ham på Islands Brygge. Han er SÅ fin.

    1. Uuuuh, hvor spændene. Det lyder lige som et skur jeg skal besøge... :-)

  2. Hjarmen altså, hvor er han skøn!

    Og mine hænder er helt oppe i skyerne over dit nye projekt!


    1. Han er helt fantastisk, jeg elsker ham! Bare han får travlt, det fortjener han.

      Jeg er også glad for min tube projekt, og jeg hilser på mindst en af dem hver dag, haha. Det bliver brugt flittigt, det er helt vildt. :D

  3. Ah Sandra, that is excellent! In france you need to have a PhD and a very long resume if you want to make it. And above all, never change fields! So people get stuck in whatever was chosen when they were 16... I wish the best to the Iceman!

    1. That is strange, I have heard this about France before. What a pity. I always get encouraged by people changing paths in life. How are you supposed to know what you want to do with the rest of your life as a teenager? You may think you have the answer, but often it changes along the way. In my experience, at least.

      I hope the Iceman will be busy too. :-)


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