12 September 2012

Nobody's perfect

Copenhagen posters are cool. You will find very little of the cheap language so prominent in regular advertising, and only a minimum of crappy effects and condescending language. It is just pure eye candy, like a form of street art on its own. For some strange reason Copenhagen posters complement each other, no matter who designed them or what they promote. And, the best part: they even work when they start wearing out. Torn, layered, bleached. Crazy yum!

Poster decay

The no nipple man


Famous Copenhagen venue Vega on the left. Maybe the power of posters partly consists of them delivering information you actually need? Public service in an appealing form.

Sun bleached Louisiana museum poster. Can someone transport me there soon, please?


The splat. Seriously improving on an otherwise not so delicious poster.

Yeah, we have those too. It's not like we're perfect.


  1. Jeg synes denne kombi, jeg fandt ved Enghave station i foråret, var ret underholdende:


    Det ser ud til at at de to dele er dele af samme plakat, så det er ikke helt samme koncept som dine, men synes alligevel den var sjov.

    (Teksten på arabisk er ifølge min kollega en joke om noget med at være læge i Irak...noget med ytringsfrihed, jeg ikke lige helt kan huske)

    1. Det er jo bare en folde ud chick? Måske skal man kunne læse teksten for at fange plottet. Visuelt er jeg ikke oppe og ringe.. (har du ikke en med Ryan Gosling? Hahaha)

    2. Nej nej, er skam helt enig i, at den er tudegrim, synes også bare den var sjov. 80er-folde-ud-chick kombineret med arabisk vittighed. Det er da ikke det MEST almindelige syn på gaden :)

    3. Haha, jep. Jeg bliver bare altid lidt bange når vi er i den boldgade, tænk hvis det er blasfemisk eller kan starte en tredie verdenskrig? Hvis nogen havde fortalt mig for ti år siden, at folk kunne blive slået ihjel over en tegning,havde jeg ikke troet på dem. Hvad kan bare bryster så ikke afstedkomme?

      Men nu bliver jeg lidt nysgerrig efter at finde ud af hvad der egentlig står på de plakater. :D

  2. Ah yeah, I love posters in CPH. Everyday on the way to work I catch a glimpse of those on Assistens kirkegard northern wall, always neatly aligned/arranged, still so different and still strangely "talking to each other" sometimes. Totally visiting Louisiana museum again soon.

    1. Yay, you notice them too? And, I agree the poster frames along the Assistens wall are so cool! I love how it is not allowed to advertise there. Maybe the poster game is like a competition, you know the other ones out there will be good, so you have to put out something that pops.

      I even tried peeling one off recently, but it wouldn't budge. :D

  3. I love how the posters compliment each other too. Especially when they start peeling off and the posters sorta blend together and form an entirely new expression and mix genres and information.

    I once snapped this supercool picture in Istedgade, but alas, that phone went missing and along with it, it's SD-card :( The ads were for Guld Tuborg and H&M bikinis - I don't know if you can kinda catch my drift? Bottom half bikini, top half GT-lady with the ever-perfect feather flick.

    1. Haha, I can imagine exactly what that must have looked like. Quality posters are the best. But even the crap works when it is mixed up right. :D


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