04 November 2013

The shitstorm

With the local election coming up, it is nearly impossible to take a decent picture of Copenhagen, that doesn’t include poster spam. It is everywhere! As a change from the last time around, the spam ceiling is lifted, and anything goes. One really obnoxious guy, from a party I refuse to advertise here, easily posts up to thirty in a row. Somehow they have got it in their minds, that saying something repeatedly and REALLY LOUD, makes you listen more. No wonder people are starting to take them down. No wonder there is mocking.

Det er jo altid det samme

Det jo altid det samme, smil lidt mer / It's always the same, smile a little more.
Jeg tror selv på det

Jeg tror selv på det, smil lidt mer / I believe in it, smile a little more.

Stol på mig! Trust me!

Stol på mig! Smil lidt mer / Trust me! Smile a litlle more.

Posterspam mocking

Only three days after mounting day, we had a monster storm that was later upgraded to a hurricane. It got rid of some of the spam, but it also took out at least 400 trees in Copenhagen alone. Bunker trees and Ladytree is still standing, but five of the transplanted cherry trees didn’t make it.

In memory of our lost friends

A moment of silence for our friends who fell victim to the storm October 28th 2013. VerdensSkove.org

Broken tree

Broken tree

It's crazy to think some people were out in a weather that could do this to a tree. I even saw people on bikes, from my window. 

Storm victim


Scaffolding peeled off buildings, this one on the roof across the lakes, looks like a sneeze would finish it off.

Gutted chestnut tree

A fall storm is nature's way of pruning. Any tree that survives this shitstorm, should be preserved with everything we have got. 


Ah, the lakes just don't know how to look bad. 



  1. The election posters are phantastic!! Yes, always the same... Elect me and afterwards we do what WE want. Argh...
    Greetings, Ulrike

    1. Hi Ulrike,

      I know, it sounds like it is the same everywhere. I strongly believe that everyone should be able to vote, but if the elected don't represent us, or keep any of the promises that got them there, what is the use? The system is broken.

      A lot of people are are talking about not voting here, as a protest. Others just punish the election posters.


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