11 February 2014

The tiny harbinger of spring

If you were around Classic Copenhagen in 2012 (some of you were, how cool is that?), you might remember the mini drama. The tiny shoe left behind in the street, on the day that clearly marked itself as the first day of spring:

Mini drama

Yesterday, I had the same feeling. I parked my bike and looked down, and right at my feet there it was: the mini drama again. From now on known as the harbinger of spring:

Harbinger of spring, the mini drama

 It's nothing short of magical.


  1. Hahaha...I want to see whoever it was made for!

  2. SO jealous! If I sent you pictures of our streets, you would join me in depression ;) I always feel sorry for the mother of the child who lost the shoe.... ugh! New shoes needed :(


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