10 December 2014

Merry wheel

A couple of weeks ago, our mayor made a proud update to his social media accounts, of the selection and felling of a beautiful old fir, from the forest. We are talking eight tonnes worth of magnificent tree, cut off to decorate a square for a month. Heartbreaking. I know that I am peeing on the parade here, and it is not my intention to hurt anyone’s feelings, but can’t we try and figure out a less destructive way to celebrate this season?

It turns out, we can. In Enghaveparken on Vesterbro a new Jule tradition is born: The people of Flydende By (Floating City) built the coolest Juletree out of salvaged bike wheels. They call it a Hjuletræ (a wheel tree), which in Danish is pronounced almost the same as jul (Christmas). In their own words they hope to inspire Vesterbro to appreciate the value of recycling and creating sustainable and beautiful environments together.

Hjuletræ / Wheeltree / Christmas tree

It lights up too, if you push the pedals on the attached bikes. I should have brought the staff, dammit. 

Hjuletræ / Wheeltree / Christmas tree

Imagine this all lit up, oh. 

Hjuletræ / Wheeltree / Christmas tree

Discarded spray cans are used for lights. I had a playground mom help me out here, to give you an idea of the magic:

Hjuletræ / Wheeltree / Christmas tree

The only parts not recycled on this tree, are the LED-lights. Utter coolness.

Hjuletræ / Wheeltree / Christmas tree

The bike parts are donated by Buddha Bikes, who collect, recycle and restore abandoned bikes found in the city. The pedal powered Christmas tree is around until December 29th, after which it will be taken apart, and the pieces used for other projects. 

Hjuletræ / Wheeltree / Christmas tree

Maybe I will have to round up a few friends, and have them work the pedals, for the perfect shoot? Any volunteers?


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