21 January 2017

Womens March Copenhagen

So, yesterday was worse than expected (I mean: Trump?!). The world has taken a bad turn, and it is not just in the US. Not speaking up about it or standing up for basic human rights, is inexcusable. If you are turning a blind eye, you are complicit, simple as that. Today women, men and children marched all over the world. This is what it looked like in Copenhagen:

Womens March Copenhagen January 21st 2017

Gathering on the square in front of the Parliament on a magical foggy day.

There are scary things in the cabinet

There are scary things in the cabinet.

Ovaries trumps hate 
Ovaries trumps hate.

I am no longer accepting the things I cannot change, I am changing the things I cannot accept. #WHYIMARCH

Everyday sexism project DK  
Everyday Sexism Project DK

Say yes to love, say no to sexism.

Make America nice again 
Make America nice again.

Reproductive rights are human rights

Reproductive rights are human rights.

Did you march today?


  1. I am sad to say that I could not... even though Montreal had a big demonstration downtown. Since I had to cheer my son on in swim competitions (and take him there), I asked one of my friends who had gone to shout on my behalf. She has a loud voice so I trust her ;)
    The next 4 years will be scary ones... Sean Spicer's first interactions with the press have clearly demonstrated that truth will no longer exist. Shudder....
    XOX to you!

    1. Oh, I am sorry you missed that. Fortunately, there are many ways to speak up, marching is just one of them. : )

      I did see the first press meeting in the White House, what an embarrassing performance. Let's see if he can adhere to the rules and regulations for the full term, I have a feeling he will f*ck it up sooner than later.

      Hugs back at you Celena!


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