More ways to stay updated on Copenhagen, in English, unless otherwise noted, and listed alphabetically. It is a work in progress, so stay tuned for more:
(in case you check in once in a while, I have made a mark next to the recent additions)
((I will make an effort to weed out the inactive and the outdated links as often as I can))

Daily life in Copenhagen, the blogs:
Copenhagen Cycle Chic
Fat Berri's (electronic music blog w. free downloads) 
Fuck You Very Much (visual diary, not for the shy) 
Half Girl 
Martijn in Copenhagen  
Miss Design Says
OY Luftfoto (aerial photos of Copenhagen, mmm) 
Ungt Blod
Very Good Food (foodblog)
When you live in Copenhagen (GIF blog)

Street art:
RMX Collective on flickr (incl. Frantz Flottenheimer)
Helvetikat (street art gallery)
We are related (street art gallery)

Made in Denmark:
Bolcheriet (artsy handmade candy)
Cph Made (a site of things made in Copenhagen)
Flarwo* (sustainable wooden toys)
Flensted Mobiles (mobiles)
F.S. Dørgreb* (classic Danish doorhandles)
Hornvarefabrikken (Hornware made in DK since 1935)
Karamelleriet* (Caramel shop and factory in one)
Lakrids by Johan Bülow (possibly the worlds best licorice)
Mikkeller Bar (micro brewery/bar)
Musji (hair accessories)
Muuse Fashion 
Octobulb (cloth covered lamp wires and cool light bulbs)
Piet Breinholm, The Last Bag (leather bags)
Simply Chocolate 
Snedker Studio (marbleized floors)
Sorte Jernhest (handbuilt bicycles)
Sømods Bolcher* (candy)
The Blind Peoples Brushshop* (handmade brushes)
Vipp (classic garbage cans)
Vølve* (handmade ecological skincare)
We Do Wood (furniture)

* In Danish only

More cool Danes:
Armsrock (artist Asbjørn Skou) 
Bullitt, Larry vs. Harry (bicycles)
Bureau Detours (art, design and architecture)
Bybi (city bee project)
Copenhagen Parts (bike parts)
Copenhagen Type (huge collection of old Cph signs/graduation project)
CphCph (photographs of unseen Copenhagen)
Eentileen* (digitally printed houses)
Femmes Regionales (design agency)
Ferdio (infographic agency)
Goodmorning Technology
Graypants (Scraplights, cool lamps) 
Hama (beads)
Hvass & Hannibal (design and art studio)
HuskMitNavn (art)
I Do Art (artsite)
Jacob Aue Sobol (Danish Magnum photographer)
Jonathan Faust (graphic designer)
Lucie Kaas (Relaunching Danish design classics from 50s 60s and 70s)(check the eggcups!)
Mads Hougaard (graphic designer) 
Peter Callesen (artist, working in paper)
Pink Cloud (architecture collective)(check their pop-up hotel!)
Sivell Ink (graphics and illustrations)
Sound of Copenhagen (Cph based record label for the electronic scene)
Space Copenhagen (architecture & interior design)
Superflex (artists group) 
Superliving (interior design)
The Smiling Sun (Nuclear power? No thanks)
Tobias Scheel Mikkelsen (commercial illustration)
Urban Greenhouse* (mobile mini greenhouses) 
Velorbis (bicycles)
Vissevasse (graphic posters of Copenhagen and Denmark)

* In Danish only

If you are already in Copenhagen or plan to visit sometime in the future, I have made you a page with a couple of useful links: ★ VISITING CPH