30 November 2009

Inhabitant: the turd

Not to be confused with the street artist. The turd has no aesthetic nor artistic aspirations. It would seem the turd has only one goal: to destroy everything in his path with spraypaint and black markers. Irreplaceable historical gravestones, beautiful red mailboxes, monuments, cars, traffic lights, statues, buildings, trees, bushes, bikes, windows.

His (skid-)mark is everywhere, as the effort to clean up after him is weakening.

The Nile takes another hit

the turd mobile

The issue in the press (danish).

29 November 2009

Post local elections

Local elections, in which politicians make promises. They all promise to clean up after the party. As usual they are off to a good start.

23 November 2009


The borough Norrebro is taking all kinds of beatings. Testet and tried by everyone from the city hall (urban planning gone haywire) to armed turf warriors. This hood can not be tamed. Or broken.

22 November 2009

Classic cars

It is not just the what. It's the who. As much as you love the car, you gotta love the driver. For picking something so beautiful, for parking it in the street for all to enjoy, and for driving it around everyday, like it was intended: with a dog in the passenger side, and a cross-stitched pillow in the rear window.

A 1970's classic, the highly collectible cross-stitched traffic pillow.

20 November 2009

The Killing Fields

The lake side of Copenhagen is a crucial urban oasis. Joggers run around the clock, stroller-moms push their offspring around, people feed the birds, lovers kiss & quarrel. So what better place to direct the most heavy traffic in the city? On the corner of the lake, The Nile gets an annual makeover, with a gentle and humorous approach. No one has to my knowledge taken credit for this, but "the show" has been running for years. Last year they worked the environmental angle:

Watch your children! The exhaust fumes kills

17 November 2009

Litter pigs

Souvenir from an urban swine. On more than one occasion have I chased one down to remind him he "dropped something". This being the rare case of two wrongs actually making it right.

15 November 2009


Fy is the word most commonly barked at the dog who just took a dump on your carpet.

Needless to say a bike was parked in front of this. The war continues.

The war

And while we are on the subject of bicyckle-wars: there is a special place in hell for people using other peoples bicycle baskets for trash cans.

Free piercing

"bicycles left here will be shipped out to Poland"
"leave your bike here, and we will pierce your tires for free"

The great bike city with no place to park. This particular piercing shop in the center of Copenhagen has had it. You may have your bike shipped to Poland or just pierced for free. A new classic.

Public servants

There was a time when this cast iron gargoyle was everywhere. Even the plainest of cityhouses, with small working class apartments had one. Nowadays the gargoyle lovers come armed with saws, and this public servant is rapidly becoming extinct.

Enjoy this one.

Andy's Bar

Andy's Bar. Where the night owls go to die.

This amazing facade is for so many reasons invisible at night. Classic Copenhagen.