30 November 2009

Inhabitant: the turd

Not to be confused with the street artist. The turd has no aesthetic nor artistic aspirations. It would seem the turd has only one goal: to destroy everything in his path with spraypaint and black markers. Irreplaceable historical gravestones, beautiful red mailboxes, monuments, cars, traffic lights, statues, buildings, trees, bushes, bikes, windows.

His (skid-)mark is everywhere, as the effort to clean up after him is weakening.

The Nile takes another hit

the turd mobile

The issue in the press (danish).


  1. I find this blog post and pictures interesting because they show another side of Copenhagen, which contrasts with the fairytale image that the city has always been associated with... I love Copenhagen and I think it's so sad to see all those graffiti (that have nothing to do with street art) spoiling the city...

    Cheers from Italy!

  2. Hi Marion, it is a part of my mission with this blog, to show more sides of Copenhagen than just the little mermaid and tivoli. Even though it is painful to post pictures of vandalism and destruction, it needs to be addressed. You are the first to comment on this post, and I am very happy that you did.


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