03 December 2009

Copenhagen roulette

To a Copenhagener, the bike is almost like a self-extension. Bicycles truly are for everyone. The very young, the old, the heavy and the timid are all part of the picture. Those of us who ride without the protection of a helmet, are considered to be suicidal daredevils by those who wear the helmet religiously. When it is in fact often the helmet people who poses the greatest threat in traffic. It is a jungle, and the beast comes in many shapes.

Bicycle chick by artist Seppo Mattinen (more of his work here).


  1. those of us who choose not wear bike helmets can arm ourselves with the power of science about helmets. www.cykelhjelm.org is your friend. :-) read 10 skarpe fakta om cykelhjelme for starters.

  2. Hi Mikael,
    I have now educated myself on the cykelhjelm site, and I could not agree more. I could also not imagine myself ever wearing a helmet for riding my bike. For riding a motorcycle, absolutely, for flying a propeller plane, yes, but seriously? The helmet hysteria is in desperate need of some balancing out. Yay for the cykelhjelm.org!

    :-) Sandra


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