06 December 2009

I steal you not

Bike theft is an epidemic. Everybody agrees to condemn bike theft, but then there is the varying degrees of the deed, the moral loopholes. If a bike for instance is left unlocked (for whatever reason), surely it is a present from the owner. Or if a bike is left unlocked, obviously not by the owner, say thrown in a bush. In which case it is not like stealing from the owner, but rather like (not) stealing from the thief. Or if the bike has already been plundered, the carcass is free to be harvested. Again stealing from no one, really. At the very most the insurance companies (qualifies as not stealing an unlocked bike left in a bush).

Underprioritised by the police, it hardly even classifies as a crime. Stealing a bike has no consequence, except for the victim. Some compensate their losses, justifying their actions with: "I have now contributed with 3 good bikes to the pot, it is my turn to have one for free". Which is clearly not the same as being a bike thief...

Carcass (next day the basket was harvested).

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