13 January 2010

All aboard

The housing situation in Copenhagen has always been tricky. You rent if you can not buy. And you would need a two person income, and a decent one at that, to buy the minimum. Then there was the co-op option, that for decades has been the rescue of young families, and people with lower income. Allowing you to buy the option (cheap), to rent cheap.

Officially there were waiting lists, but in reality you would have to know someone, that knew someone, or be related to someone who did, to find a co-op. Or be willing to fork out an illegal "finders fee", for the privilege. To weed out the fortune hunters, a different system was set in motion. Suddenly the co-op prices raised through the roof. The young families who got their shot cheap, would now sell with an obscene profit. To buy or go co-op today is pretty much priced the same.

And for those who got on board what is now called "the train", things were good. But the next young family, and persons of lower income are left at the station. This creates an unfortunate gap, that to everybody's surprise affects us all. The repercussions of this me-first mentality, is hitting us hard. Because as it turns out, it is no fun being Me in a society that has no room for You.

Your money my ass

"your money my ass"

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