15 January 2010

Guess that thing

The city has finally cleared, and clearly marked a part of the Peblinge Lake for use. But some people you just can't reach. And nobody tells the birds anything. Clearly there is some confusion:

Is it ice?

Is it water?

Or is it a huge frozen garbage disposal?


  1. Funny post! Those poor birds . . . Why don't they fly south for the winter anymore?

  2. How nice of you to stop by.

    It is funny, I take the local bird life so for granted, I did not know why they stay for the winter. But I looked it up, and it turns out this guy is not going anywhere. A couple of lakes over the ice is thinner, with water holes (one of the unreachables fell through the ice the other day, but was saved). The swans have an amazing ability to live without food, if all goes wrong, for up to 1 1/2 month on the slow burner. But they don't have to, we feed them well.

    I feel a swan post coming up...


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