06 January 2010

A time to nag

The Copenhageners, and the Danes in general, are big on nagging. It is the glue that hold us together. At the bus stop, on facebook and at the laundromat. This is a way to show we care about the subject at hand. But when it comes to marching in the street and letting our politicians know when they are taking it too far, it gets more quiet.

Recent events brings promise, though. During the deportations of refugees, a big sit down strike was taking place. And as the city plans to cut down on childcare, the parents of small children in Copenhagen has finally had it. The politicians have for once been quick to respond. The answer is the custom made law (the scoundrel bill) specifically designed to discourage demonstrations. It is already common knowledge that if you want to stay out of harms way, you should stay away from any demonstration, however peaceful. The big question is if we will just nag about that too, or if we will request a do over.

"children at 3 and 4 says save no more"

"no to discount care-facilities"

More on the bill here, and here.

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