19 January 2010

Word on the street

The outcome of the COP15 talks did not impress anyone. But the streets brought hope, as people from all corners of the world came to show support. There were more events and happenings than the media could handle, and much of it you would have to see for yourself, or not at all.

The neon sign extended over the Assistens Cemetery, is part of a scattered street exhibition, by danish artist Astrid Gjesing. 7 recycled and engraved gravestones was laid into the pavement, on different locations in Copenhagen. The message reads "the earth bears your mark", and we get it in french, english, chinese, arab, spanish, urdu and danish. We really do.

"the earth bears your mark"

Visit the artist here.


  1. Super flot skud af neonskiltet!

    Det er så fedt; du tager billeder af de ting, jeg også lægger mærke til...men så har jeg aldrig kameraet med :) Keep it up!

  2. Mange tak. Det er så super dejligt at vide at der er nogen der læser det jeg skriver, og ser de billeder jeg tager. Optur. Keep it up i lige måde! :-)


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