05 February 2010

Amber alert

These days everything comes with a warning. Every day something new and life threatening is unveiled, and there is no shortage of preachers and followers ready to jump the latest wagon. No matter what your business is, you can be sure someone's nose is in it, and a new law is in the making to prevent you from living so dangerously.

It can be about how much you drink (new guideline for women: no more than 7 units a week, please), what you eat, if you smoke (in your own home, mind you), how much aspirin can be bought in a single purchase (in the event a teenager should choose this weapon for a an overdose), or just the madness of making criminals out of anyone carrying a box-cutter. You may use it at work, but you should have gone straight home to lock this in a safe, now you are carrying a concealed weapon. Even riding your bicycle without a helmet is all of the sudden considered dangerous, and lawmakers are lining up to force adults to gear up. Of course there is always an industry standing to make a huge profit on the latest scare. From vaccines we don't need, to gadgets we are not allowed to live without. Nothing sells like an amber alert.

The aim here is to prolong life, not recklessly live it to the fullest. Just think of the fun we will all have one day, safely strapped in our padded rocking chairs. That is if at first we do not die of fear.

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