16 February 2010


Most Copenhageners recognise the life-size paste up's of everyday people, by artist Armsrock. Some have even been peeling them off the walls, and collecting them. He got an early start on his career, in the movement around the youth house (the one sold to the unbending holy mother, remember?), and moved to Germany to attend art school in Bremen. Today his work sells to museums and collectors world-wide, all the while staying available on the streets.

The show "Zettelkasten" is on display in the small gallery "We are related", run by old friends. The life sized characters, inspired by the locals, are caught in charcoal on a roll of very thin newspaper paper, and stuck loosely to the wall in overlapping 3D layers. Walking in to the small space, you almost feel like at part of the work. Close to the feeling you get from his work on the streets, where it is a part of life.

In many ways this gallery is atypical. I finally had the opportunity to talk to someone who defends street utterings in any form. Yes, turds too. It was a hard and good and civilized talk, and it turns out we do agree on some things. The advertising bonanza taking over the public space, twisting our minds, making us feel unhappy about our body image, promoting date rape and all things evil, should go away. And never come back. Only I would like to not see it replaced with tags. Also, I brought up the molestation of the beautiful ambulance, and I almost had him agree it was... maybe not such a good idea.

Another atypical thing about this gallery, is the unwillingness to sell. If they must, it will be as a whole only, at the asking price of 120.000 DKR. If not sold, the exhibition will return to the source of inspiration, the streets, to be enjoyed by everybody. And eventually vanish.

A shared piece still hanging in, in the streets.

The vanishing act.

Armsrock's own blog here.

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