11 February 2010

Buying power

Copenhagen Fashion Week has officially kicked off. All hotels are fully booked, and every night brings a party and a show. It is not an event that includes the Copenhagener as such, as it is mostly a visitors game, by invitation only. The fashion business never fails to fascinate the outsider though, and the shops and the night spots are quick to make a profit on the concept.

But the real entertainment is to be had when the visitors hit the streets on sunday, all hyped for the big spending spree. To anyone who has ever seen a headless chicken run in circles, you know what I mean. Because come sunday, everything is closed. Everything. Welcome to Copenhagen.


  1. ah ah, though i remember that copenhagen has some great little trendy shops with great clothes. between the swans and this, it reminds me of zürich where i lived (poor me) for 2 years. the swans were my friends and everything was closed from saturday 4pm til monday morning. the 1st time you experience that, you seem a little silly indeed.

  2. It is the same hours here. To be away from your home, and roaming the empty streets are no fun. And the stores are missing out on some serious action. When will they learn? We do have some cool little stores here, I must do some shop-posts. :-)


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