22 February 2010

Cold turkey

To the flea market lover, winter is a cold turkey. In the summertime there are several weekly outdoor markets, and I promise I will get back to those, but in the winter we must wait impatiently for our chance to hunt indoors. The indoor flea markets in Copenhagen has all the charm of a dark basement. There are no fancy refreshments or pretty set up's, just rows of collapsible tables, occupied by part professional dealers, and part private sellers. 

The professionals can roughly be separated into two categories: the ones with the foreign supply (French, Belgian, Swedish), such as old wood furniture, posters and industrial looking funky stuff, and the old fashion sellers, with old toys, porcelain, tablecloths, coins, jewellery and stuff they could have picked from your (Danish) grandparents house. For the cost conscious and true hunter, there are the private sellers. The majority of those are far from interesting, but they still serve the invaluable purpose of distracting the competition. 

On the flea market in Bella Center this weekend (the location of the COP15 talks), I got some cool hangers (ah, the vintage Danish clothes hangers, I may just nerd out and make a hanger post sometime), and a couple of heavy and beautiful rolls of furriers woven labels, I have absolutely no use for. Plus at least half of the fun is catching it all in pixels: funny faces, odd pieces of the past, the lost and the loved. I am already itching for the next one...

Foreign supply. As a recent development, many of the professional dealers also sell the goods online.
 Good thing, since I don't spend nearly enough time on the internet... Visit this guy here.

Teaching boards from an old Danish school. You can just tell how much wisdom has been 
sucked right out of those.

Creepy, and oddly fascinating painting of a little girl... 

The granny blanket, no summer house or Copenhagen flea market complete without it. 

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