09 February 2010

A good sign

As promised the post on the kindergarten wall. One of the things I like so much about this wall is how it lets you know what is inside. Not a farm, that is, but a place for children. Back in the day, a visible and almost cartoonish sign was hung from the facade of most stores, making them instantly recognisable. Some signs are still hanging in, like the bakers pretzel, the hairdressers giant scissors or the barbers candy striped tube. Other and more rare signs are the big hat, and the wooden boot. This kindergarten, or pre school, looks after children up to 6 years of age, and it is named after the facade: "the chicken yard".

It took me another go to get at full and undisturbed frontal (but with snow this time, you just can't get it all). This was caught in the 2 seconds it took before the car that pulled away, was replaced by another. With me yelling in the middle of the street, to get my clean shot.

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