02 February 2010

Noise of choice

Traffic poles and drain pipes are the jungle drums of today. The popular noise of choice is stickers, and if you loose a cat, a lover or just your mind, this is where you tell the world. Posting something removable on a narrow public spot, is not considered vandalism by many. Except the city of Copenhagen, who has declared war on the concept, dispatching cleaning troops to peel it all down, at the cost of half a million crowns a year. But no sooner are the poles cleaned, and marked with the warning-sticker (!), before they are back in use.

There is simply no shortage of restless poets and public opinions. Pipes and poles are what is left behind, when everything else is hawked by the city, heavy advertising and the louder street artists and taggers. The people who post here, are an altogether different breed, and they are re-claiming the streets, one pole at the time.

Sticker from political party (oh, yes), feeling the love of the streets
"Bolsjefabrikken", an abandoned candy factory on loan to the creative underbelly of Copenhagen

The jungle drum of Paris, France, proving we are not alone in this

Also, check out The Bubble Project, taking back the streets from advertisers world wide.

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