04 February 2010

Please hang up, and try again

We all know and pretend to understand how the magic portable device that is the cell phone, takes first place. Even if there is no passing the conversations off as urgent, because as we can all unfortunately hear, they are not. Owners walk their dogs with a lit phone and a blank stare, as were they walking a pork chop. Obviously not even a dog has a right to some quality time. 

But when it comes to walking your child... come on! Please hang up, and try again.


  1. That may be the saddest series of pictures! Amen! Hang it up!!

  2. Hi Mrs. E,
    I know. It was also strangely painful to post. He was on that phone for at least 10 minutes, completely ignoring the cries and attempts at contact.
    Just turning his back. Unbelievable!

  3. bad daddy! bad!

    (at the same time, though, the kid could have been rotten all day, and needed some cooling off. in that case, it's kind of funny).

  4. Ah, yes, but the thing is the kid was so patient for so long, trying to make eyecontact. It was not until the end, it started sobbing. I just wanted to spank that man, so hard. Baaaaad daddy!


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