07 February 2010

A shot in the dark

At least 6 months out of the year my pictures are grainy and underexposed. Just like me. My loosing battle with daylight is never ending, and sometimes my shots in the dark nag me to the point I have to go back on a brighter day, and give it another go. Such was the case of the beautiful ambulance. Yesterday I found it, and the light was slightly better. What do you think?


  1. It's a real pity some "turd" did that :(
    The light is much better. I missed a full frontal with the cross on top of the wind shield.

  2. oh man, some bastard tagged it! i love walking by this car. now i'm sad!

  3. Hi Natasha and Ramon,

    I know, it breaks my heart. The paint was still in the snow (but dry, I tried to rub it off), so it was a fresh "job", and I don't think the poor owner even found out yet at that time.

    I will walk by another day and see if I can get you that full frontal with the cross, and put it on flickr for you. If the owner will dare putting it on public display again

    :-) Sandra

  4. I love this ambulance - and the lighting is very good!

  5. Hi Sabine, yes the lightning was a little better the second time around. Only this time somebody vandalised the beautiful ambulance. If I had only gotten there a little before, maybe I could have stopped them. I swear I would have tried. Roar!


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