13 February 2010

Sweet and sour

The outsiders fascination of the Copenhagen Fashion Week appears to be fading. 2 huge screens transmitting the shows live and non stop, come equipped with a loud sound system, and between the shows a high pitched voice from the sponsor urges you to buy the new Max Factor mascara. The deafening sound leaves the otherwise so crowded spots bare, as people rush by, faces turned away. Advertising in the public space is borderline headache inducing. Especially with the large flickering screens and the sound. The SOUND. Please?

On the brighter side, the best confectionery in Copenhagen, La Glace, who really deserve a post of its own, pays tribute to fashion, inviting a danish designer to create a cake and a window. This time the honour bestows Rikke Mai, from the colorful labels Stories, and the result is an over-the-top 3 tier fantasy-cake, and a custom colored french macaroon, too yummy for words. It is also one of the only things in fashion week you don't have to wait 6 months to get. That, and a headache.

Fashion and lifestyle magazine VS. on the jungle drum. Get the online version here.

A real crowd pleaser.


  1. yes the noise level of a city (although Paris and NYC are probably way worse than Copenhagen)is already a nuisance enough to have "talking" advertisement. here i don't see much of fashion week, NYC is big enough to not notice something like that. what we see though is people getting less casual and sometimes wearing things they're obviously not used to, and being ridiculous with high heels in the snow.

  2. This particular screen and sound level was so obnoxious you wouldn't believe. They do the same on TV, turning up to volume when the ads are on. Like yelling somehow makes you want the product so much more.

    I miss the sounds of New York and Paris...


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