26 February 2010

That was that

Winter is wrapping it up. The lakes are watering up, and blocks of ice are sliding off the roofs all over the place. Yesterday a huge block of roof-ice crashed into a car right next to me. Not the visible kind, that you can look up and try to avoid, but the sneaky stuff, from hidden angles with a twist directed at the parked cars, and the bicycle lanes. I know the meteorologists say we should cool it, and give it another month, but how can you argue with thaw?


  1. an icicle fell on my hand today and it was painful (for 30 seconds). i'm not used to it. but the fact that the snow is melting instead of turning into ice, (and that we're so fed up with the winter), makes thinks look on the bright side.

  2. The small ones you can dismiss, but here we have isicles up to one meter long and heavy, and if they fall from a height, they can kill someone. So the police is busy with the stay-away-tape, and lifts are in action to remove the worst. Crazy. It was a beautiful winter, though. But it is going to be fantastic with some daylight again.


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