23 February 2010

Winter magic

On my way to the flea market sunday, the kids and The Nile were all dressed in white. But when I returned, daylight gone of course, there were rainbows sprinkled all over the snow. Rainbows! I counted a total of four, including the one on the other side of the cross section, and all I wanted to do was tell people to stop what they were doing, and behold the wonders. I did go back to try and reshoot them in daylight, but by then they were already erased by a fresh layer of snow. Such is the magic of rainbows, one moment they are here, the next they are gone.

With a little help from the head and tail lights of the cars behind me. 


  1. magic indeed. i like to suddenly run into something magical and so unexpected. the twilight is giving a special atmosphere.

  2. Isn't that the same statute whose cherubs sported blue scarves earlier in the winter? http://www.flickr.com/photos/classiccopenhagen/4279738866/in/set-72157623222574100/

  3. Hi Kelly,
    Yes that is exactly the one! Very well spotted, I am impressed.
    :-) Sandra

  4. Carole, you are right, the twilight and the cars make it all the more magical. That is a better way to look at it anyway, than the fact the daylight had beat me once again. :-)


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