18 March 2010

Back on track

After years of postponement and bureaucratic delay, it looks like we are finally (!) getting our food market. The semi covered outdoor market in which smaller and independent farmers and food fetishists can rent a stall, and sell directly to the consumer. Bypassing the domineering money-oriented supermarkets, so partial to dealing with only the biggest, and not necessarily best suppliers. The location is already named the Vegetable Market, because back when Copenhageners would not accept today's low standard in food, this was the place to go.

The Vegetable Market 1889-1958, making me so proud! Picture borrowed from here.

The food market is estimated to be up and running from spring next year, and the whole place has already been flattened and fenced off. The contractor has painted the surrounding wall a matte chalkboard black, requesting no bills be posted. You know who is going to explode on this surface, don't you? Not only are they asked not to, but the whole thing is like a big, vibrating perfect canvas, aching for the human touch. 

I caught the thing when the paint was still wet, but I am willing to bet you that it will be unrecognisable within the next month. So I am wondering what about this black plywood wall is so worth preserving? Why not officially invite the streets to embellish it, and make it an exhibition worth watching? Not that they won't do it anyway. You just wait.

First! And it's sidewalk chalk again, I am in love with this new old media.

(All I had to do was look at this guy, and this song is now torturing me)

More on the food market (just hit the flag for the English version) here.

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