21 March 2010

By invitation only

One of the most popular addresses in Copenhagen is the small village in Osterbro, called the Potato Rows. Consisting of 480 small three story brick houses, build in 1873 by a group of doctors and architects, who have had enough of the unsanitary living conditions offered to the hard working men and their families. The Potato Rows were simple and affordable (at the time), and the elite looked down upon this pitiful arrangement. 

Ironically these days the elite are the only ones who can afford to live here. Politicians, filmmakers and wealthy hippies occupy the tiny houses, that are among the most expensive real estate in Copenhagen. And even if the picturesque little homes may look like dolls houses, you are not invited to play.

Private property

One of my favorite details: the built in drainpipes.


  1. yeah so many examples of this. like some parts of harlem are now gentrifying so much. paris is no longer affordable for middle class, people with decent salaries who want to live in Paris just stay in tiny studio apt... so sad in my opinion.

  2. It is sad, and very unhealthy. Our last mayor got a lot of votes on the promise of building affordable apartments in Copenhagen, targeting our nurses, policemen and teachers, with a normal income. Even I believed she would keep that promise... but she did not.

    But speaking of promises, I am so happy for all Americans that they finally get health insurance. It is a big day! :-)

  3. yes, obama did it, and nobody really believed he would succeed. i'm happy too, although it's still very difficult for me to adapt to these systems after france. i like that things are improving here. in france it is going the wrong way (in my opinion), that's one big reason i'm not ready to go back right now.


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