10 March 2010

The cast

One of my favourite parts of Copenhagen is the statues and sculptures, scattered all over the city. I like it when they turn green, and when they shine in selected spots, from the touch of thousands of hands that has caressed them over the years. The City still commission sculptures from artists, and they are on display all over the city, sometimes in the most unexpected places. We all have our favourites, and come spring and summer it is not uncommon to see them holding fresh flowers.

With the sad exception of King David, the statues are here to stay, and they all tell a story, even when they come with no reference. Like the giant chicken feet in Nansensgade. We all know at least one person they would fit perfectly. I know I do.

Chicken feet, cast iron and brass (1983) by Erik Heide.

Sitting outside a childrens daycare center. He is not my favorite statue in Copenhagen, but what
I really love about him is the shiny nose, from the loving touches he receives every day.

Sitting poodle, bronze (1978) by Gudrun Lauesen.


  1. i like the chicken legs... the poodle, well... we have great sculptures too in NYC, but my favorite were in the park along the lake in zürich (one of the rare things that i miss from ZH)

  2. Oh, no, the poodle is by no means a favorite of mine (you know The Nile is my star), but I like that his nose is shiny from the touching. He is standing right outside a daycare facility, and I think the kids like him a lot. Sweet huh? Come to think of it, I also have sculpture memories from different cities I have lived in and visited... :-)


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