31 March 2010

The easter blues

No sooner is Christmas behind us, before we are faced with the next big holiday. As with any holiday Easter brings Copenhagen to a slow stop. Some Copenhageners visit the family in other parts of Denmark, while others travel a longer distance to escape them altogether. As always it is about getting together, eating and drinking, and this occasion also calls for the seasonal brew, the knock-you-out Easter beer. The shops will close for the whole duration, causing us to once more (remember Christmas?) stock up like crazy on all staples as well as on everything remotely egg-, chicken- and bunny shaped, daffodils, the brew, freshly slaughtered lambs and all things yellow. 

The Easter holidays appeals mostly to children, happy families and those employed by others. If you fall outside one or all of these categories, you may find yourself kicked in the ass by the Easter blues. Some find the holiday spirit in the Easter brew, and I seriously suspect this is one of the reasons they made it so strong. Others look forward to the big two day indoor flea market kicking off tomorrow. One guess which cure is mine?

From the children, hanging in the window of a kindergarten.

For the grown ups, one of the many kinds of Easter beer.


  1. Hej! Great blog!
    We are coming from Spain to visit CPH, could you tell us where is the flea market? please :)

  2. Hello Spain, the flea market is in Forum, in the center of Cph., the metro stops right outside. It is on tomorrow and friday from 10-17. Save some good stuff for me, if you get there first. :-)

  3. Thank you!

  4. For os selvstændige er det jo bare en nederen tid hvor alt har lukket.
    Heldigvis tager jeg til Japan, det eneste jeg er ked af at misse er faktisk loppemarkedet!

  5. Does Carlsberg put out an Easter beer? Wish I could find something that was similar here!
    Happy Easter!

  6. Hej Flora Amalie,
    Det er nemlig døden! Jeg skal klemme alt ud af det loppemarked de næste to dage, haha. Men jeg kunne også godt klare en tur til Japan.

    Hi Mary,
    Every micro brewery puts out at least one Easter beer, I might take a picture of the huge selection sometime in the 5 hours the shops are open on saturday. Happy Easter to you too.

  7. Jeg er vist sådan en crossovertype. Skal på familietur med gule ting og øl og hygge ad libitum, og glæder mig, men er muggen over at jeg ikke kommer til loppe. Satser på, at der er noget marked ude på landet!

  8. Det er jo det optimale. Heldige diner. Og du finder med garanti et hemmeligt marked derude, midt i den gule familielykke. :-)


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