02 March 2010

Fairy tales

As a native it is always interesting to hear how we are perceived by the visitor and the world. Back when the Muhammad drawings launched, the CBS newsmagazine 60 minutes made a segment in Copenhagen, portraying us in a way I did not even recognise. It seemed like they had a preconceived image of the oblivious Danes, with nothing on their pretty minds but pastry and fairy tales. The supporting footage were made at the outdoor ice skating ring, in the picturesque centre of the city, looking suspiciously like the land of milk and honey. It scared me how a whole world would watch this and think they had us all figured out. And it certainly made me question shows like that a whole lot more.

Oprah did a show on Denmark too, just recently. A flattering view of a very privileged Copenhagen, as she visited a luxury apartment, available only to a selected few, in which it appeared like that was just the typical life of a Copenhagener. And I am sorry to poop on the party, but it is just not so. The cherry on the pie however, is homebred: the incredibly embarrassing YouTube video of the Danish girl Karen, with a baby on her lap, searching for the father that she had a one night stand with. The video that turned out to be a viral commercial, designed to promote Denmark. Our toes still uncurling from that one.

All this should remind us to question our sources before we jump to any conclusion. Once we do, we usually learn that we are really not so different from each other as we are lead to believe.


  1. Det var dejligt at høre, tak.

  2. So true! Especially since one can find young mothers looking for the fathers of their children pretty much anywhere in the world...

  3. There is that. But really the most embarrassing thing, especially for the female part of the population, is that they are trying to sell Denmark as destination for sex-tourists. Like the Danish women are just here for the grabbing. Euw!


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