22 March 2010

Fast and furious

Copenhagen has traditionally always been a bicycle friendly city. But when it comes to city planning, that has not always been the case. However this has changed (back) in the last couple of years, so that a lot of the places bicyclists were not allowed, are suddenly friendly.

The quiet side of the lakes was until recently only allowed for pedestrians, but a lot of bicyclists risked the 500 kr fine anyway, taking the scenic route. There was no bell action, and the bicyclists got along with the pedestrians just fine. It is no longer illegal to ride the lakeside, and with this newfound freedom came a new breed of two wheeled helmet clad tyrants, going places fast with a trigger happy finger on the bell. To him anyone taking the ride in stride is basically in the way, slowing traffic down, and even pedestrians is considered a nuisance.

The hard hat bully is fortunately not your typical Copenhagen bicyclist, but he is loud, and he is obnoxious, and he is giving the well behaved bicyclists a bad name. Could it simply be that the helmet is strapped on just a little too tight?

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  1. AMEN!

    Alle opførte sig altså meget pænere da det var ulovligt!
    Cyklisterne kørte forsigtigt og fodgængerne tsk'ede måske lidt af os, men var i det mindste ikke i fare for at blive kørt ned.

    Du burde copyrighte "The hard hat bully".
    Spot on.

  2. Haha, det skal jeg da overveje. Men det er nemlig rigtigt, der var en meget mere omgængelig tone da det ikke var lovligt. Det er som om de vilde tror at de nu ejer hele strækningen. Søruten er til hygge tril. Basta.

  3. funny, i like to ride my bike in safe places, but as a pedestrian i find myself being grumpy against bad behaved bicyclists. in switzerland i was making fun of those with the complete outfit crests and ads included (bad me). but you have to admit there are few accidents involving pedestrians and cyclists.

  4. I have never witnessed an accident between a pedestrian and a bicyclist. In Copenhagen riding your bike is not so much about getting there fast... If you are in a hurry, you pick the big roads, and stay in the outer lane. The problem only arises when you try to go fast in a slow area. Not cool.

    But why is it that the maniacs dress for it? Or maybe I should be grateful that they do, that way they are at least recognisable.


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