08 March 2010

Happy anniversary ladies

Today marks the 100th anniversary of the International Women's Day. Something I learned by accident, when my path was blocked by the event. Being self-employed, underpaid only by me, I had no idea that women in Denmark are paid 18% less than men, and I find it strange that it is even allowed. 

Another thing I learned about this day, is that the first meeting 100 years ago took place right in my neighbourhood. In the historical building that was later known as the youth house, the one demolished by the Unbending Holy Mother. How many more reasons can one possibly need to object to that disaster? It is like a reminder within the reminder, that the rights we have today were fought for by our ancestors, and that we have the same obligation to preserve and fight for the rights of the generations to come.

The group I bumped into was only one of several, but it was by no means huge. Is it that we are bombarded into numbness with information, to the degree that we miss the important stuff? Or have we perhaps given up on the belief that we have the power to change anything? I was touched to see so many men marching along, but at the same time not surprised. After all, reason has no gender.

I am so pretty when I keep my mouth shut

Equal pay - Equal rights - Equal terms  ... or we rub salt in your sores.
The student nurses of Copenhagen

Equal pay   Right now

A present, my new favorite gloves, reading: Equal pay (on both sides)

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