17 March 2010

Hello and goodbye

Of all the events and noise made for the climate during COP15, Trude hit me the hardest. The giant polar bear, carved from a block of arctic ice, has been melting fast for the last couple of weeks, and today she said goodbye. It made me sadder than expected, and I realise I will miss her. But nature has a way of sweetening the deal, with the early signs of spring. The daffodils have hit the stores, and I almost forgot what magical little drumsticks they are.

Goodbye, girl:

An appropriate last picture, of both of us together.

Hello boys!


  1. what do you think of karl lagerfeld importing an iceberg for his show? i think it's brutal even though it's supposed to be for awareness. i love the daffodils, in the pyrénées, (mountains between france and spain) you can - or at least could - find huge fields of wild daffodils, it's magic.

  2. Another great example of detail photography! I especially love all the stems. I'm a big fan of macro photography, but actually spent more time with pictures that I create in my mind first and then try to realise with the camera. It's great, there are so many ways of taking pictures.

  3. Hello Carole,

    I think the fact that the ice here was shaped like a bear is what killed me. I got really sad, surprisingly. But the daffodils... I would love to see them in the wild, being a big city girl I have only seen them in stems. Now you just put a fantastic picture in my head.

    Hello Sabine,

    The macro photography is the best. There is something cinematic about it that I really love. You never get the complete picture, but always the whole story. For me it is not so important with the correct light (even if it is nice when it happens), or even the perfect focus, sometimes. It is the mood, and what you manage to catch.


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