25 March 2010

Lesson learned

I passed this colorful explosion on my bike today, and I just had to dismount and investigate. Even from a distance it was clear someone was trying to communicate something, and when that is the case, the least you can do is listen and try to understand. My first thought was that of my childhood hero Pippi Longstocking, and her house Villa Villekulla. There was lots of signs, with different quotes and slowly I got a sense of the overall message. Hidden behind a tree in the garden was the owner, and we communicated out of each others sight, while I was working my camera.

He explained how this is his way of educating the world on the pitfalls and injustice in Danish politics. It was clear that he is a fan of a political party I do not support, but at the same time we agreed on a lot of issues. He is a retired math and chemistry school teacher, whose parents both died in the poor care of Danish nursing homes. His main complaint is that old people are stripped of their dignity, when instead of help to go to the bathroom, they are equipped with diapers. If they refuse this humiliating offer, they are on their own, and many elders have severe accidents on their way to the bathroom, and subsequently die from the injuries. Like both his parents.

This one man demo, or propaganda as he calls it, in many ways resembles street art, only it is done on his own property. And it reminded me of my meeting with the street artist at the Armsrock show. They would probably never meet, being two opposites, from two different generations, but they do share some important things in common: they both look for justice, and they both use street art to achieve it.

Demo for the allowance of long term residence in vacation houses, camping and auto camping. 
The people against forced diaper use for nursing home residents.

Every society have a tendency to reduce its opponents to caricatures. Nietzsche

We shall overcome.

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