03 March 2010

Lights! Camera! Action!

Today was one of those rare occasions, when the sun was out all day. The sky was blue, and now that the sun is gone, the stars are out. There is an overwhelming sense of spring in the air, and Copenhagen is all of the sudden popping with energy and new sights. And just when I thought this day could not get any better... it turned pink! A film crew from Zentropa is shooting a scene in a cool store in my neighbourhood, and for this huge lamps mounted on cranes are showering the entire block in a soft pink and purple light. The white houses sucks the light right in, turning pink, while the red facades twists the color into a dark purple. And the regular street lights takes on a new function, turning into yellow balls of fire. I thank my Camera God that I was packing, battery on full. Lights! Camera! Action!


  1. How cool is this! And spring is arriving in Copenhagen? We are still struggling with cold winds and it doesn't feel springlike at all. Please send some warmth to bloody cold England!

  2. It is just fantastic! Both the pink night and the promise of spring. I may be jumping the gun, with the early announcement of spring here, but I really feel like there is a change... I love daylight and sun.


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