14 March 2010

Mayhem at the market

After yesterdays art-spanking, I wanted to bring you a happy post, just to keep things in balance. And it was going to be easy, because today we had the biannual big outdoor flea market in my neighbourhood, with lots of juicy painted wood crates, and funny furniture and heavy old family photo albums, packed with black and white nostalgia. It was going to be so good. But then things took a turn. Fast.

Spring sky reflected in a beautiful folding mirror. Ravnsborggade 1 hour before meltdown.

Within minutes, the flea market turned into a war zone. Over a thousand bloated, masked, aggressive football fans swarmed the streets, destroying everything within reach, plastering big, ugly stickers and nazi propaganda on any and all surfaces. Today's football match is apparently between two local teams, and those of us who can't tell the difference and really don't care to, just get caught in this destructive inferno. 

Usually the police direct the opposing teams supporters by a predestined route, far from each other, but for some reason this time the Brondby supporters chose to divert, and wreck an entire flea market. The heavily represented police succeeded in stopping them midways, and after a while the mob found another path. 

Leaving this behind: 

Bloated ignorants on vintage velvet. Just an hour ago the beautiful mirror was balancing on this...

Thanks guys.

In the press (Danish): here.


  1. wow, if there is something i really don't miss from europe, it is football and its horrible fans. i went to see baseball and basketball games here out of curiosity (never could stand football games of any kind) and i was so surprised by the good spirit in the crowd, the kindness and even if they care, they just have fun, eat a lot of junk food, bring the family and are very civilized. a good point for the americans. i'm so sorry about the flea market, i like those so much...

  2. Oh, this looks really bad! I would have hated being in the midst of an aggressive group like this. But on a bright note: Your first picture is great. I couldn't make heads nor tail of it.

  3. Også her var der fest i gaden!
    De såkaldte "foldboldfans" overpissede hele min gade, da de passede forbi igår.
    Til trods for at jeg stak hovedet ud af vinduet og bad dem finde et offenligt toilet, ænsede de knap 50 "fodboldfans" mig knap nok, men lod det istedet gå ud over biler,cykler og sågar en barnevogn.
    Almindelig pli eksisterer åbenbart ikke i deres verden!
    Jeg var så edderhidsig - men holdte mig indendørs, hvilket nok var klogt - set i bakspejlet :-)

  4. Hi Carole,

    It is true, the Americans are superior in that respect. It should be about fun and games, and being together in a healthy way. In fairness it is not all football fans who go ballistic like that. But 1500 of them is still 1500 many.

    And hi to Sabine too :-)
    It always makes me real happy when people like my pictures.

    Hej hemmelige skab,
    Jeg havde engang studie i Pisserenden, og hver weekend havde nattens ravne tømt sig i porten. Oh, hvor jeg drømte om at installere et skjult elektrisk hegn...

    Apropos pli (og at tømme sig i en barnevogn det er langt under lavmålet), så er der en der har tømt sin hund i min trappeopgang. Uden at gøre rent efter sig. Helt ærligt?! Jeg er så forarget. Det er et rent slalomløb at passere de brune fodtrin, der løber hele vejen op. Slemme, slemme ejer.

  5. Da min far var ung boede han på Ehlers Kollegium, hver weekend når de fulde folk stod og pissede i døren, åbnede man bare vinduet på 1 sal og smed en bunke vand ned i hovedet på dem. Ideen er hermed givet videre :)

  6. Tak for tippet. I de endnu ældre dage var det natpotten der blev tømt. Dengang holdt man sig nok fra portene... :-)


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