11 March 2010

On the subject

And while we are on the subject of statues, here is archbishop Absalon, our founding father of Copenhagen. The statue raised in his honour in 1902 (or 1901, depending on the source), 700 years after his death, is an impressive and well documented monument, and a true act of balance. Some of his virtues is engraved in the massive block of granite, and on one side it reads: For he was courageous, ingenious and foresightful. But I bet he was not able to foresee the humiliation of a hundred years of birds taking dumps on his head.

Archbishop Absalon. Is it wrong to think of him as handsome?

A bird on the subject.

Bishop Absalon, bronze (1902) by Vilhelm Bissen (1836-1913)


  1. Jeg er glad og beæret over dagens valg af emne. Min favorit, - som du ved ;)

  2. yes, he looks handsome, i confirm.

  3. Ja, jeg ved han er din. Værsågod, den herre.

  4. Once I zoomed in, I was sold. 800 years too late, sigh.


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