16 March 2010

Postcards from Copenhagen

Vintage Copenhagen. Everything is the same. Yet everything is so different.

Town Hall Square. Cars allowed. Not a bicycle helmet in sight. 

Town Hall Square, at a later time. No cars or bicycles allowed. But pidgeons. And they never left.

Gammel Strand, for decades a place to buy fresh fish. Logical for a city with a harbour. But no more.

The Kings New Square, wiew of the Royal Theatre. I have never seen busses like that before...

In the upper left corner the fish market, Gammel Strand. The yellow streetcars last stop was in 1971.

Bring back the classic cars, the muted colors and the fresh fish, please!


  1. Wow, great postcards!
    It's a pity that trams where lost in so many cities...

  2. Hi Ramon,

    I love the trams too, they still have them in Amsterdam. It is a scary thing to get your bicycle wheel caught in the tracks.. But I still wish we had them here. And the tokens back then were the best, with the little mermaid on one side.

  3. Copenhagen looked so much better back then! :)

  4. I think they took greater care of the city, and maybe even each other, than we do today. Almost everything on the pictures is still in place today, if we really wanted to make it look this good, we could. How much fun would that be to re-create those pictures?

  5. Indeed! That would be awesome!

  6. Maybe you know a shop in Copenhagen where it would be possible to buy such postcards?

    1. Hi Karolis, the beautiful old ones you have to search for on the Copenhagen flea markets. That is where I found almost all of mine, the rest I found on etsy.com and ebay. Old postcards are the best. :-)

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    3. You should take a look at my list of links for people visiting Copenhagen.


      There is one link to "Markedskalenderen", a page listing all the fleamarkets in Denmark. It is in Danish, but you should be able to figure it out, as it is mostly addresses and dates.


      Look for the ones in "København", in the quick menu to the left. During the winter we have quite a few flea markets, mostly indoors. The ones held in Forum are huge, and you can sometimes find postcards there, also the location Remisen, on Østerbro, a lot smaller, but it can be good for old postcards.

      I hope you love it here. :-)

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