06 March 2010

The real deal

The latest big real estate boom has been hard on the authentic Copenhagen. TV bombarded us with do it yourself shows, and be your own interior designer, and what not, and owners got ambitious, reworking everything to pump the value. The slumlords had a field day with the government supported "make-believe-renovations", using poor materials and cheap labour. While those aboard "the train" took out loans in the skyrocketing house values, to replace everything old with shiny new. Too many old apartments are stripped of charm because the old floors, doors and woodworks are gone, and the end result is depressingly uniform.

I had almost given up hope that something odd had survived, when I saw this. The sun was out, the sky was crazy blue, and the light was somehow different. It brought out colors otherwise invisible, and in a way I am afraid to go back and look at what I discovered, because I fear it will not be the same.

As I was climbing stairs, catching light and color, a woman came up to me to inquire about my business. And she ended up inviting me up to see her beautiful house from the inside. I feel so much better knowing that there are still ultra wide floorboards somewhere in Copenhagen, and funny stairs, and crooked walls in odd rooms, all in different sizes. It was one of the houses built after the big all destroying fires in the late 1700, and the husband told me that the apartment had been in the family for four generations. It is a co-op, which explains why no slumlord has had the opportunity to wreak havoc with it, raising the rent and thereby evicting the old tenants. It was a humbling experience to be asked into a strangers home, and I hope they know how happy they made me with this generous gesture. And of course now aching for a place like that of my own...

Falling apart in the most graceful way possible. But not on the inside.

The wide stairs, the pattern of the railing... the colors.

Do NOT take other peoples firewood. 
The heating in these old houses is still by wood burning owens. And apparently some are not adhering to the rules.

The backyard. A warm light just bounced of the surrounding orange walls. So peaceful.

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  1. Hee, - Hvor hyggeligt. Du har nu også sådan en smilende åben tilgang til folk når du møder dem, syntes jeg :) C


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