19 March 2010

Work in progress

As a people we are not easy to get to know. When I talk to visitors or new immigrants, they all complain that we are moving in closed circles. It always saddens me to hear, but if it is any consolation we treat each other the same way. Unless you work at keeping an open mind, the circles tend to get fixed around the age of 30. By then you will have accumulated the amount of friends from school, work and hobbies estimated to last you a lifetime, and new faces is not considered good news. So I can just imagine how hard it must be for an outsider. 

But there is a change in the air. During the COP15 climate talks, the artist-run community Wooloo launched the festival New Life Copenhagen. A hugely successful social experiment, in which private families opened up their homes to more than 3000 climate activists, otherwise stranded in the overpriced and -booked Copenhagen. The Facebook page of New Life Copenhagen is constantly updated with comments from grateful hosts and guests, and new connections is made here daily. It is the epicentre of open-mindedness, and just the place to rekindle your faith in the human race. And Copenhageners.

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